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DTSG-003 Erotic Temptation Classroom

DTSG-003 Erotic Temptation Classroom

Erotic Temptation Classroom 「セックスしようよ」トロリとした視線で、彼女は囁いた…。クラスのマドンナがエロ誘惑!!オドオドしてたらいつの間にか童貞喪失!?小心者の僕が教室で居残り勉強してたら、とんでもない痴女に出会ったんだ。Rika Goto, Akari Mitani, Maina Miura

How long has it passed … In my usual classroom, I had lost my mind because I had such a thing with Madonna in the class that I had been repairing together. From the tip of Ji-Po, a juice called patience flowed down, and the stick that was warped was shaking up and down. She squeezed the stick, and she nodded with a trolley’s glance. “I’m new to the first time …” “Juppu ~” The sound of Chi-po in Ma-ko will surely not forget. It didn’t matter that the teacher returned after this. That day, I was the first person to have sex for the first time.

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